Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going to make some oxtail soup

Bought about 2Kg of oxtails today, some shallots, some Jerusalem artichokes, a celeriac, red wine, and some pot barley. Have some carrots, celery, and onions. I think it's going to be a two-step process: slow roast the oxtails and shallots tonight, and sllllloooooooowly simmer the soup tomorrow. I may even add some chopped up spinach near the end, to put some green in it.
First, cut up a few large shallots.

Rinse and dry the oxtails.

Toss them in the pot.After roasting for a couple of hours, they carmelize quite nicely. When it cooled down, I put the pot in the fridge overnight.

No pictures, but the next day I emptied a half-bottle of red wine into the pot and enough water to cover the rivets on the pot, as well as three bay leaves, some juniper berries, and some thyme, and slowly simmered it for 3 hours, covered.


  1. Not finished yet! First night, roasted the meat. Last night, simmered it for 3 hours. It's been in the fridge since, and on Sunday, I'll warm it up, strip the meat off the bones, and add the veggies for about an hour's simmering. Was going to do it tonight, then realized that I'm going to be out all day tomorrow... so procrastinated, and will finish it on Sunday. Have been taking pictures, so will blog the progression.