Sunday, October 11, 2009

Planning to roast too many vegetables

I like my food to multitask, or at least, serve multimeals.

Tomorrow, when I roast the goose, I plan to roast far too many potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, celeriac, garlic and a bulb of anise. Waaaay too many to have with dinner.


I thought that all those veggies, roasted in a pan along with goose, would make for a yummy roast harvest vegetable soup. Add to those leftovers the buttercup squash that I'll be cooking and puréeing today. I should be able to use some gravy in the stock (I've got a carton of organic chicken stock that will probably serve as the base. Some of the stuffing will help to thicken the soup. I can take all of those leftovers and use my handy-dandy immersion stick blender to make a creamed soup to which I will add some diced leftover goose.

Freeze in meal-sized containers, and enjoy some reminders of thanksgiving dinner through the winter.

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