Monday, September 28, 2009

Chef turned food blogger

Signe Langford was the chef at The Riverside Cafe, where friends and I used to go for martinis and mussels. Many types of martinis on the menu, and many different broths in which mussels were steamed to perfection. Alas, she moved on, and the last I had heard, was thrilling people in Yorkville.

Another change, another career: she's now the food blogger at Moses Znaimer's Zoomer Magazine. Have a read of her blog! She's worth following.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Snails, snails, snails

I have a can of them in my pantry, crying to be used.

I ate some excellent snails at Batifole, a French bistro at Gerrard near deGrassi.
These weren't the standard snails in garlic butter: they were in a creamy sauce that might have had a splash of something added to them.

I also had some yummy snails at Fare Bistro. I've eaten them many times, enjoying each time.

With these delicious tastes in my memory, I went searching for recipes. Alas, most were pretty boring, and pretty much the same thing: snails in garlic butter, served either in the shell or in mushroom caps.

Then I happened on this site.
I'm still going through it, but I thought you might enjoy the recipes.